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CSV Data
101,Thomas Edison,1847-1931,/img/edison.png,"Thomas Alva Edison was an American ..."
102,Graham Bell,1847-1869,/img/bell.png,"Alexander Graham Bell was a ..."
103,Nicola Tesla,1856-1943,/img/tesla.png,"Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American ..."
104,Samuel Morse,1791-1872,/img/morse.png,"Samuel Finley Breese Morse was an ..."
105,Guglielmo Marconi,1874-1937,/img/marconi.png,"Guglielmo Giovanni Maria Marconi..."
106,Rudolf Diesel,1858-1913,/img/diesel.png,"Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel was a ..."
(OR) JSON Data
"id": "101",
"name": "Thomas Edison",
"year": "1847-1931",
"img": "/img/edison.png",
"description": "Thomas Alva Edison was an ..."
"id": "102",
"name": "Alexander Graham Bell",
"year": "1847-1922",
"img": "/img/bell.png",
"description": "Alexander Graham Bell was a ..."
"id": "103",
"name": "Nikola Tesla",
"year": "1856-1943",
"img": "/img/tesla.png",
"description": "Nikola Tesla was a ..."
"id": "104",
"name": "Samuel Morse",
"year": "1856-1943",
"img": "/img/morse.png",
"description": "Samuel Finley Breese Morse was an ..."
"id": "105",
"name": "Guglielmo Marconi",
"year": "1856-1943",
"img": "/img/marconi.png",
"description": "Guglielmo Giovanni Maria Marconi,... "
"id": "106",
"name": "Rudolf Diesel",
"year": "1856-1943",
"img": "/img/diesel.png",
"description": "Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel was...."